We all love to share our homes with family and friends. We can help you enjoy it more because we can cook for you.

We offer various sized quantities of mains & sides, nibbles, lighter bites, salads & soups.

All food is sold fully cooked, chilled & with reheating instructions.

MAINS                                                                           Serves 4-6 people

Beef stroganoff    €50

Chicken Lemon Thyme and Capers    €50

Beef and Guinness Casserole    €50

Chicken Korma    €50

Beef or Veg Lasagne    €45

Fish Pie    €60

Vegetable Tagine    €45

Lamb Tagine    €50

Dressed or Poached Salmon    (Market price)

Beef in red wine with shallots & mushrooms    €50

Layered Veg & Potato Stack    €45


Serves: 4-6 €14.95 / 8-10  €22.50 / 10-14 €35

 Ham, Cheese & Spring Onion

Spinach Caramelised Red Onion

Roasted Veg with  Goats Cheese

Salmon & Rocket (n/a 4-6 size)


Serves: 4-6 people €18.95  /  8-10  people €32

Chicken, Leek & Mushroom

Beef and Guinness


SIDES      €11.50/portion      Serves 4-6 ppl  

Creamy Mash

Baby Potatoes

Garlic Potatoes

Steamed Rice



Chicken Liver Pate & Cumberland Sauce    €16.50 (Serves 4-5)

Sausage Rolls    €18.50 per dozen

Chicken Skewers with Aioli Mayo €18.50 per dozen

Bruschetta    €18.50 per dozen

Hummus with Tabouleh    €9.50 (Serves 4-5)


Cream of Vegetable

Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato

Sweet Potato & Coriander

Leek & Potato

Creamy Mushroom

SALADS      €14.50/KG    Serves 6-8 Ppl

New Potato and Chives dresses with Olive Oil

Dressed Red Cabbage with Roast Beetroot & Feta

Carrots, Nuts & Seeds dressed with Lemon & Honey Dressing

Mixed Tomato, Black Olives, Cucumber & Feta

Roast Butternut Squash, Toasted Almonds, Bacon, Spinach, & Quinoa

Celery, Apple and Caramelised Walnuts

Green Salad with Classic Dressing


Dressed Cous Cous


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