Celebration Cakes

Cake is "the thing" we celebrate an occasion with: birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, communions. We have selected our best sellers, listed the various sizes and finishes along side a price list so that you can choose the "BEST" cake for your special occasion

Portion Sizes
6" cake5/6 portions.
8" cake8/10 portions.
10 " cake 20/25/30 portions.
12" cake50/60 portions.

6" Rd 8" Rd 10" Rd 12" Sq
Jam and fresh cream sponge. €12.50 €19.95 €35.00
3 plates of victoria sponge, raspberry jam,whipped cream covered with vanilla buttercream and sprinkles, Or, whipped cream and broken meringue
Red Velvet Cake €15.50 €25.50 €45.00
3 plates of moist cake, vanilla buttercream as filling and frosting.
Fresh fruit and cream gateau €16.50 €25.50 €45.00 €80.00
Light sponge, selection of fruit, whipped cream, broken meringue and a splash of sherry.
Signature Chocolate Cake
Layered chocolate sponge with a milk and white chocolate mousse filling, Kahlua liqueur to add a special twist and dark chocolate as shell finish. €15.50 €25.50 €45.00 €80.00
If you prefer the look and taste of white chocolate, we can use curls to finish the cake. €21.50 €38.50 €55.00 €95.00
Or, if you prefer something dense and fudgy. Chocolate fudge cake in Goyas has 2 layers of cake, plenty of fudge icing both as filling and overcoat! We recommend you heat it slightly. €15.50 €24.50 €36.50 €70.00
Chocolate Biscuit Cake €37.50 €68.50
Honeycomb, marshmallows, malteasers, rich tea biscuits. What a mix! Finished with chocolate or vanilla buttercream.
Drizzle cake. Lemon or orange. €27.50 €45.00
Classic moist cake with flavoured buttercream as filling. We can finish it with buttercream, or I can ice it with fondant for a more formal looking cake to mark a very special occasion.

I can formally ice with fondant some of the above cakes, please ask for details if you rather that kind of finish on your special cake.